From Placida Gallegos, Steering Commitee ITLC 2016:

What are the intersections in your work – and what are the implications of your work for TL – theory and practice?  Each ITLC Conference includes time designed for us to engage with each other as a community about what matters most to us.  This year, for the XII International Transformative Learning Conference, we have set aside time each day for a modified open space design we are calling Innovative Open Spaces

We are inviting attendees to submit topics or questions in advance that you would like to discuss with a group of your colleagues. 

These dialogue sessions are related to the theme of the conference, Intersections in Transformative Learning. You will hear more about the creative design for these open spaces at the conference but we do want to hear from you before then about the intersections you are noticing in your scholarship and practice.  We wonder what is on your minds as you arrive at the conference as well as what you are thinking as you experience the conference. 

Please post your questions or suggested topics in advance of the conference to us by responding to this blog post with a comment. If you prefer to submit your topic or thoughts by email, then send to for Amanda Feller, Host & Steering Committee Chair, to compile. Thank you! Safe journeys. 

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Comment by Anne-Liisa Longmore on October 19, 2016 at 9:07am

If we assume that work is constituted by, and facilitated through conversation, and that each intersection of each conversation with each individual is a space in which transformation and learning may occur, how might we intentionally and mindfully cultivate a transformational workplace through our conversations?

Comment by Zabrina Epps on October 18, 2016 at 12:49pm

The public gets its information from a variety of sources and it seems almost impossible to get a singular message to organize momentum around a cause e.g. public education.  What are some strategies of getting focused messages to large groups of people across such a wide range of media channels?

Comment by Linda Lazzeretti on October 14, 2016 at 1:08am

Innovative Open Spaces Question

from Linda Lazzeretti

How can teachers’ transforming perspective, learning, self-autonomy and individuation support the same process in their students?


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