Victoria and i were greatly saddened to hear yesterday of the deaths of Jack Mezirow (on Wednesday, September 24th) and of his wife and life partner, Edee, some weeks earlier. They will always live in our hearts and be greatly missed. Much will be written of their incalculable contributions to Transformative Learning. But their personal positive impacts on the lives of so many, and certainly ours, were comparably profound. I attach some photos of happier times -- at the 8th Transformative Learning Conference in Bermuda, November, 2009. Their presence is radiant . . .773404648_tlc_091118-1431-editvert-1%40300_j%26e%208x10c.jpg

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Comment by Dr. George Koulaouzides on October 28, 2014 at 10:02am

I am sharing the text below. Since it is rather long I uploaded in for any mistakes in English!

Comment by Charlyn Green Fareed on October 18, 2014 at 10:37am

A life well lived!  Jack's work has had a profound impact on my work and how I am able to help other's "transform" meaning perspectives.

Peaceful travels Jack and Edee!

Comment by Michael Stewart Newman on October 11, 2014 at 8:49am

I will miss Jack and Edee. We lived on different continents but had a number of agreeable encounters. Jack and I would lunch together when I passed through New York. My daughter lived in New York for a while, and Edee and Jack invited us to dine at their apartment. My partner in life and I reciprocated when they were in Sydney. Jack and I talked. And I enjoyed, and took note of, his brisk, sometimes curmudgeonly responses to some of my wilder opinions.


Am I allowed to tell this story? I met Jack some twenty-five years ago. I made an appointment and called in at his office at Columbia. A small, energetic man burst into the reception area, took me by the elbow and dragged me into his office. The first words the great man said to me were: “They made me head of department. I got to do to all this administration. Sit on appointment panels. Who wants this shit?”  I relaxed. The great man was human, and not just that, he was loveably human.


I encountered Jack’s ideas on transformative learning in the early 1980s, and was excited. I still regard his 1981 article as the best exposition of the concept. But then, but then … I began to have doubts, and in the past few years I have written questioning the concept’s usefulness. But I need to stress that I say this with gratitude. Jack made me (and countless others) think. And that is the most wonderful gift.


Vale Jack.

Comment by Ted Fleming on October 4, 2014 at 9:45am

I am deeply saddened by the deaths of Jack and Edee. This is loss to the adult education community and a deeply felt personal loss also. I first worked with Jack in 1978 and this long collaboration and friendship casts a long shadow. They forged links across the world and always supported and encouraged students, colleagues and friends from other countries, including Ireland.

My wife Pat and daughter Grainne want to be associated with this comment.

When I remember Jack and Edee many memories come flooding back but for now I am hoping the TLConference will create a space for recognising their contribution to TC, and transformative learning.

I agree with Victoria and Peter - their impact was profound.

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