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Threshold Concepts in Medical Education

I am interested in threshold concepts as described by Ray Land and Jan Meyer.  They involve an ontological shift in the learner, as well as a struggle in moving from one view of one's self to another.  Threshold concepts are an expansion of the ideas of Miezirow.

Specifically, I am looking at the threshold concepts which medical students encounter. Thus far in my research I have found the following concepts which medical students must struggle with and conquer:  "Medicine isn't black…


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Transformative Learning and Foreign Language Education

Dr. Dan Davidson (American Councils for International Education) and I are co-editing a book on the application of transformative principles to the teaching of foreign languages. We have nearly 30 contributors and 20+ chapters on a wide range of sub-topics. Anyone out there in L2 on this list? We are trying to survey those who are for one of the chapters -- and there may still be room for another chapter or two dedicated exclusively to learners (individual differences, cognition, motivation,…


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CFP: Transformative Learning Theory and Praxis-New and Old perspectives


Transformative Learning Theory and Praxis:

New and Old perspectives


24 April 2017

Institute of Academic Development, University of Edinburgh



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CFP: Transformative Learning Theory and Praxis-New and Old perspectives


Transformative Learning Theory and Praxis:

New and Old perspectives


24 April 2017

Institute of Academic Development, University of Edinburgh


Call for Papers

Transformative Learning was introduced in 1978 by Jack Mezirow and is defined as the process by which we transform problematic frames of…


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Just released: Time and the Rhythms of Emancipatory Education

I have the pleasure to inform you that my new book Time and the Rhythms of Emancipatory Education was just released by Routledge, both as an e-book and hardcover edition.

Time and the Rhythms…

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Looking for an article from the 2000 Proceedings

I am looking to find an an article from the 2000 conference which, it appears, is not available here for some reason. It is:

Gozawa, J. "Cosmic heroes and the heart´s desire: Embracing emotion and conflict in transformational learning" 

If anyone has access to this as a pdf could they send it to me at I would greatly appreciate it.



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Self Transformation through Values-Based Test Feedback Experiential Session Prep work

As you may have already seen the information sent by Amanda, our conference chair, we invite you to our presentation, Self Transformation through Values-Based Test Feedback: A Work Example, an experiential session on Saturday, October 22nd, 10:45 to 12:15 pm. 

If you think you might attend this experiential workshop Self Transformation Through Values Session…


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ITLC 2016 IOS Topics & Questions

From Placida Gallegos, Steering Commitee ITLC 2016:

What are the intersections in your work – and what are the implications of your work for TL – theory and practice?  Each ITLC Conference includes time designed for us to engage with each other as a community about what matters most to us.  This year, for the XII International Transformative Learning Conference, we have set…


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Transformative Learning: Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

 Originally published in

Learning as a concept has many strands and its efficacy is dependant on the style of learning that best suits the individual who ultimately benefits from it.  Providing such a bespoke platform for subjective learning preferences however, is neither practical nor achievable, there are only so many teachers, trainers or instructors to go round and in most cases budgets are inherently finite.  Whilst…


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Patricia Cranton's passing

I am deeply saddened to hear of Patricia's passing. What a loss to our community. I'm doubly sad not to to be attending this year - it would be amazing to be a part of celebrating her life and work, as was the case in 2014 when Jack Mezirow and Edie passed just before the conference in New York.

My blessings to all who mourn Patricia's loss

Jennifer Miles

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Research Papers

I wonder if there are any recent research papers that people would recommend? I am particularly interested in transformative learning in organisations and, specifically, in leadership development. Any thoughts gratefully received



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Hi. While a lot of the literature in transformative learning relates to individual transformation, and rightly so, can anyone direct me to any research or information on how transformation at a community level has been made manifest? The regional Australian community in which I live is trying to revitalise a rather tired persona and is challenging its citizens to revisit some of their negative perceptions of our town and consider 

new, more positive conceptualisations. It still…


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Call for Research Papers Using PIAAC Data

The Department of Education is collaborating with the U.S. National Institutes of Health, specifically the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute for Child and Human Development (NICHD) and the Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research (OBSSR), to sponsor a call for research papers on the relationship of education and skills to public health for adults and their families, particularly for those most at risk for poor educational, economic, and health outcomes. This…


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University of New Mexico College of University Libraries and Learning Sciences

Organization, Information, and Learning Sciences Program

Assistant/Associate Professor, Organizational Learning, Undergraduate Program Coordinator


The College of University Libraries & Learning Sciences (UL&LS) has a faculty opening in the Organization, Information, and Learning Sciences program. This position is a 9-month…


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Deaths of Jack and Edee Mezirow

Victoria and i were greatly saddened to hear yesterday of the deaths of Jack Mezirow (on Wednesday, September 24th) and of his wife and life partner, Edee, some weeks earlier. They will always live in our hearts and be greatly missed. Much will be written of their incalculable contributions to Transformative Learning. But their personal positive impacts on the lives of so many, and certainly ours, were comparably profound. I attach some photos of happier times -- at the 8th Transformative…


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What's the Secret to Successfully Implementing TL Principles in Corporate America?

Today's corporate leaders want their employees to be more innovative. To drive innovation many companies focus on resources, processes and concrete measures of business success. They even invest heavily in training to the tune of $164 billion a year on employee learning and development (ASTD, 2013). But, how a company sustains an ecosystem that allows it to thrive and move beyond delivering financial returns tends to get minimal focus. It is widely known in this community the theory of…


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Early Bird Registration

I have been checking to see when the registration system will be up and running. The Early Bird registration began in January, but the system is not accessible. Payment for the conference is to come out of a grant of which I am a member. The monies need to be "spent" by early next week (Feb. 18th). Is there anyway to use the credit card to pay the $370 and get a receipt of payment  by then?

Thank you for your assistance.


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Shifting the paradigm of negativity following broken careers over 40 years old

Glad to be on board

Have a look at our project website on

Look forward to sharing what we are up to with those interested

Hope to get the conference next year

All best Keith

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Transformative Learning Network

The Transformative Learning Network is a community site managed by the soon-to-be International Transformative Learning Association. We produce a global transformative conference every two years. Join us for the 2018 conference as it will mark the 20th. anniversary of its founding by Dr. Jack Mezirow. Visit for more information or write us at


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Transformative Learning Conference Student Committee 

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