TL Theory

XII International Transformative Learning Conference

October 20-23, 2016

Pacific Lutheran University

Tacoma, Washington, USA 

About ITLC & ITLC 2016

About the ITLC Community

  • The ITLC Community is a community of teachers, researchers and practitioners who engage as a community of inquiry.
  • The inquiry is: how do we engage the challenges of society so as to transform them and that we are transformed by the process?
  • Specifically, the community challenges the commodification of learning as it limits our ways of thinking, knowing and being.
  • As a community we challenge paradigms, norms, dominate culture, and dominant ways of knowing.

About Transformative Learning

  • Transformative learning is a living theoretical discipline which seeks to discover and explain how learning engages individuals so that they grow, evolve, and progress and in so doing engage human systems in new ways.
  • Transformative learning is about embracing and engaging difficulties and challenges through learning (versus through problem-solving; tasks forces; trainings, etc).
  • Transformative learning is epistemological as it is, in part, a deconstruction of how we learn as well as a deconstruction of what we know. In the process we construct instead new ways of knowing and learning. Therefore what we see, perceive, attend to and therefore know is transformed as well.

About Transformative Learning and its contexts

  • Challenging organizations to embrace diversity as a way of knowing. For example, Women’s Ways of Knowing is more than just about smashing the glass ceiling; it is about the epistemology of the feminine that is often marginalized in the dominant masculine culture and its organizations.
  • Challenging paradigms of thinking so as to not recreate and reify the same outcomes; rather to innovate and create. For example: creating room in an organization or community for radical ideas so as to create a Google or a Tesla.
  • Challenging our assumptions through engaged discovery involving reflection, disorientation, new perspectives. For example, learning immersion into a radically different culture and coming to embody that culture. For example, a community engaging in an indigenous series of practices which then transform how the members of that community perceive the world and each. Transforming how the community functions and is designed.

About ITLC 2016 Participation

  • ITLC 2016 is seeking participants from around the world to participate in this conversation
  • Seeking scholars, educators, consultants, practitioners and leaders to submit proposals and to attend
  • ITLC is committed to rigor, community and hospitality
  • This is not your standard conference! We are an innovative, not standard, conference: we engage and learn at the conference through sharing ideas, participating in workshops, discussing in roundtables, sharing meals, enjoying specialized entertainment and exploring the local context of the host site.
  • Conference offerings explore  transformative learning engagement in many ways


Starter Resources:

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Kegan, R. "What 'Form' Transforms?: A Constructive-Developmental Perspective on Transformational Learning." In J. Mezirow (Ed.) Learning as Transformation: Critical Perspectives of a Theory-In-Progress (San Francisco: Jossey-Bass), 2000. click here for the article

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Transformative Learning Network

Transformative Learning Network is for all who are interested in the study and practice of transformative learning. Our purpose is to provide a centralized location for you to connect with other scholars, practitioners and scholar-practitioners, as well as to receive regular updates on plans for the next International Transformative Learning Conference.


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