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Please join the International Transformative Learning Community on Thursday, October 20, 2016 at Pacific Lutheran University for an opportunity to learn, network and energize! Whether you are an educator, a facilitator, student, artist, activist, leader or volunteer – welcome! Whether you work in government, spiritual life, non-profit organizations, for-profit business or the private sector – welcome!

This invitation includes the Pre-Conference Schedule, descriptions of the sessions, and logistical information. Please note that this Pre-Conference and the full Conference offers CE credits.


  • 10:00AM to 1:30 PM Free Shuttle Vans from Downtown Hotels to Campus 
  • 10:00AM Registration and Luggage Storage Opens
  • 12:00 Noon to 1:30 PM Pre-Conference A: What is Transformative Learning?
  • 12:00 Noon to 1:30 PM Pre-Conference B: What is the Role of Transformative Learning Theory in the Education of Scholar Practitioners?
  • 2:00PM to 5:00 PM Pre-Conference C:  A Collaborative Inquiry into research designs and methods for understanding and extending the theory or Transformative Learning
  • 5:30 PM Formal Conference Opening Welcome Session & Reception

For more information about the full conference visit the TL Network:

Pre-Conference A: What is Transformative Learning? Primary Facilitator, Urusa Fahim, Ph.D.

Do you work to help individuals and communities learn, progress and change? If you answered “yes”, then no matter your role, your work, your methods, your context you are likely engaged in transformative learning. This lunch seminar is an opportunity to learn more about Transformative Learning and to connect with others engaged in similar work.

Transformative Learning theory has the potential to inform many aspects of our life such as our relationships, the beliefs that inform our actions, our reactions when we encounter those who are different from us, and the shift in perspectives which can follow. Transformative Learning theory also offers us a frame to understand the world we live in and our response to it. In short, the application and practice of Transformative Learning is not limited to the academic arena and can be observed in our everyday life, work and practices.

Dr. Fahim will lead an interactive discussion on the ways Transformative Learning can be used to understand our experiences and reactions in our lives. She will use anecdotes from her own life to illustrate aspects of Transformative Learning and share how Transformative Learning has influenced her. She will introduce participants to the general concepts and frameworks of transformative learning theory and discuss a wide range of practices.

About Dr. Fahim:

Pre-Conference B: Cancelled

Pre-Conference C: Collaborative Inquiry into Research Designs and Methods for Understanding and Extending the Theory of Transformative Learning

Facilitators: Aliki Nicolaides, Ed.D.; Stacey Robbins, Ed.D;  and Chad Hoggan, Ed.D.

The purpose of this collaborative inquiry session is to convene those interested in the research and practice of Transformative Learning - students, faculty, and practitioners. Together we will collectively engage in a facilitated inquiry process that explores conventional and novel research designs and methods to understand and extend the theory and implications of Transformative Learning. This session is framed as a collaborative action inquiry where together we explore and prototype methodologies by which to study Transformative Learning. Some guiding questions are:

  • What research paradigms help us to describe, understand, and measure the phenomenon of transformative learning? 
  • What methods of inquiry are suitable to understand the impact of transformative learning at the  individual level, for groups or teams, organizations, and communities? 
  • What emerges from novel research that contributes to theorizing Transformative Learning and extending its epistemological and ontological roots for sustainable and beneficial impact?

This session is for those actively engaged in transformative learning research or who wish to pursue such research. Attendees should have a fundamental understanding of TL theory and of research in general. Whether a long-time researcher or currently pursuing graduate research, attendees have important contributions to offer. Living theory requires disturbing traditions to make space for new perspectives.


About Dr. Nicolaides:


About Dr. Robbins:


About Dr. Hoggan:




Location, Parking & Logistics.

  • Pre-Conference Sessions will be held at Pacific Lutheran University in the Anderson University Center, also known as the UC.
  • Parking will be free and available. Campus Map
  • If you are attending the full conference and staying at the designated downtown hotels, then the complimentary shuttles to/from hotels and campus will be available.
  • Luggage storage will be available throughout the day for those coming to campus directly from the airport, etc.
  • Conference registration and check-in for the full conference will be open throughout the day for those who wish to register or for those who have registered needing to check-in.



Lunch and beverages will be supplied for Session A & B: 12:00-1:30PM.

A light snack buffet and beverages will be supplied for Session C: 2:00-5:00 PM


Cost, Lunch Included.

For those paying to attend the full conference, October 20-23, the Pre-Conference is included.

For those only attending part of the main conference or only attending the pre-conference, the following rates apply:

  • Pre-Conference A or B: $35
  • Pre-Conference C:  Complimentary
  • Pre-Conference-Only Attendees: you may also attend the Thursday 5:30-7:30PM Conference Opening Session & Welcome Reception




Continuing Education Credits.

Up to 10 clock hours for CE credits are available for pre-conference and conference participation. Please contact Amanda Feller for details.


Please contact Amanda at with any questions or inquiries about the pre-conference or conference.



Transformative Learning Network

Transformative Learning Network is for all who are interested in the study and practice of transformative learning. Our purpose is to provide a centralized location for you to connect with other scholars, practitioners and scholar-practitioners, as well as to receive regular updates on plans for the next International Transformative Learning Conference.


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