Past Conferences

History of International Transformative Learning Conference 





12th, 2016

Engaging at the Intersections

Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, Washington

2016 Proceedings

11th, 2014

Spaces of Transformation and Transformation of Space

Teachers College, Columbia University, New York

2014 Proceedings

10th, 2012

A Future for Earth: Re-Imagigning Learng for a Transforming World

Meridian University, San Francisco Bay Area

2012 Proceedings

9th, 2011

Transformative Learning in Time of Crisis: Individual and Collective Challenges

Teachers College, Columbia University & Hellenic Open University

2011 Proceedings

8th, 2009

Reframing Social Sustainability in a Multicultural World

Teachers College, Columbia University & Bermuda College (Hamilton, Bermuda)

2009 Proceedings 


7th, 2007

Transformative Learning: Issues of Diversity and Difference

University of New Mexico

2007 Proceedings

6th, 2005

Appreciating the Best of What is: Envisioning What Could Be

Michigan State University & Grand Rapids Community College

2005 Proceedings 

5th, 2003

Transformative Learning in Action: Building Bridges across Contexts and Disciplines

Teachers College, Columbia University

2003 Proceedings 

4th, 2001

Multiple Currents: Expanding the Boundaries of Transformative Learning

Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto (OISE/UT)


3rd, 2000

Challenges of Practice:       Transformative Learning in Action

Teachers College, Columbia University


2nd, 1999

Connecting Transformative Learning: Social Justice, Cultural Diversity: Body, Mind, Spirit, Earth; Spirituality; Multiple Ways of Knowing

San Francisco Bay Area


1st 1998

Changing Adult Frames of Reference

Teachers College, Columbia University

1998 Proceedings

Transformative Learning Network

The Transformative Learning Network is a community site managed by the soon-to-be International Transformative Learning Association. We produce a global transformative conference every two years. Join us for the 2018 conference as it will mark the 20th. anniversary of its founding by Dr. Jack Mezirow. Visit for more information or write us at


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