Mezirow Award 2016


Jack Mezirow Living Theory of Transformative Learning Award (2016)

The Jack Mezirow Living Theory of Transformative Learning Award is inspired by Jack Mezirow’s efforts to engage the field of adult education in thinking theoretically about adult learning.  To promote reflection about what he called “a theory in progress,” Mezirow founded the International Transformative Learning Conference in 1998.  In prior decades he had developed his own vision about the transformative dimensions of adult learning, generating lively discourse in the field of adult education as scholars and practitioners expanded, applied, and critiqued his ideas.

Mezirow (2012) defined transformative learning as “the process of using a prior interpretation to construe a new or revised interpretation of the meaning of one’s experience as a guide to future action” (p. 74). Transformed frames of reference are “more inclusive, discriminating, open, emotionally capable of change, and reflective” (p. 76).

The recipient of the Jack Mezirow Award contributes to living theory by addressing frames of reference about transformative learning, providing scholars and practitioners with a more inclusive, discriminating, open, reflective theoretical and practical perspective that is dynamic in its possibilities for growth and change.

The Jack Mezirow Living Theory of Transformative Learning Award is given at the International Transformative Learning Conference, held every two years. The award was established in 2014 and was awarded for the first time at the conference that year.

Recipients of the 2016 JMLT Award will be given a glass work by the Hilltop Artists, students in grades 6-12 who enroll in Hotshop programs at two local schools. The programs are funded by sales, donations and local artist Dale Chihuly.


·         All papers, experiential sessions, and symposia accepted for inclusion at the Transformative Learning Conference are eligible for the award.

·         Single or jointly authored papers are considered for the award.

·         If the author or a co-author is a member of the selection committee for the award, the paper cannot be considered for the award.

·         The paper should extend theory, research, and/or practice in a way that reflects a vision of living theory in progress, as described above.

·         The award can be given for promising new perspectives as well as more established or researched perspectives.

Members of the 2016 Award Selection Committee

Patricia Cranton

University of New Brunswick, Canada


John Dirkx

Michigan State University, United States


Fergal Finnegan

Maynooth University, the National University of Ireland


Ted Fleming

National University of Ireland Maynooth (Retired)


Placida Gallegos

Fielding Graduate University, United States


Chad Hoggan

North Carolina State University, United States


Juanita Johnson-Bailey

University of Georgia, United States


Elizabeth Kasl

Independent Scholar, United States


Sherry Kennedy-Reid

George Washington University, United States


Victoria Marsick

Teachers College, Columbia University, United States


Maura Striano

University of Naples Federico II, Italy


Edward W. Taylor

Penn State University-Harrisburg, United States


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