Deadline Extended to Feb. 8th

Greetings Transformative Learning Network Members,

We, the 2016 Conference Steering Committee, have decided to extend the submission deadline to next Monday, February 8.

We received a number of requests for more time to submit as well as to edit already submitted proposals. Please share this email with your peers, colleagues and networks. 

If you have not yet submitted a proposal, please take the time to do so. Remember proposals are just 800-1200 words.Your voice matters at this conference. We each have experiences to share. Maybe yours is fitted to a paper panel. Maybe you have a technique to share in the form of a workshop. Maybe you have an idea you want to explore in a roundtable. Or maybe you have a group of colleagues working on big questions and considerations for transformative learning. 

Whether you are new to this community or conference or familiar, please add your voice. No matter what your field -- art, business, body work, community, conflict, development, education, environment, ethnic/indigenous relations, global crisis, government, health, leadership, music, religion, social work, spirituality, theatre, and more -- there is a place for you at this conference. If you engage others in a process that transforms self, community, organizations, etc, then you have something to offer. 

I urge and encourage those who have never submitted to this conference to do so. I realize attending, let alone submitting to, a new conference is to step into the unknown and can be intimidating for some. I assure you this is a highly supportive and welcoming community. New ideas, approaches, faces and voices are exciting. 

If you are interested in submitting a proposal (or several), then just follow the directions on the website:

If you have already submitted a proposal, you are welcome to edit/update the document you uploaded to All Academic. You simply login to All Academic and select "edit" then simply upload your new document to replace your earlier version. You have until the 8th to make an edits to authorship, the title, the abstract and the document itself. 

A few other notes of interest:

1) A new tab has been added to the Network:

This tab/page provides an overview of Transformative Learning theory and practice, links to a few introductory articles and also a couple of videos (use the dropdown menu).

2) I encourage you to book your hotel rooms now if you are going to use our designated hotels. Once the block is full, rooms will only be available at the hotel's discretion. However, the earlier the block fills, the more likely it is that rooms can be added to the block. Please let me know if you are looking to share a room and need a roommate, I will work to facilitate those connections.

3) If you are on twitter, please follow us: @ITLC_Community

Thank you all for your contributions to the XII International Transformative Learning Conference. I look forward to seeing you in October in Tacoma. Please contact me if you have any questions or thoughts regarding the conference:


Amanda E. Feller

Host & Chair, Steering Committee


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Transformative Learning Network is for all who are interested in the study and practice of transformative learning. Our purpose is to provide a centralized location for you to connect with other scholars, practitioners and scholar-practitioners, as well as to receive regular updates on plans for the next International Transformative Learning Conference.


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