2016 Conference

What: XII International Transformative Learning Conference, "Engaging at the Intersections"

When: October 20-23, 2016

Where: Tacoma, Washington, USA; at Pacific Lutheran University (www.plu.edu)

Who: The 2016 ITLC 
Steering Committee 
Amanda Feller, Pacific Lutheran University / Steering Committee Chair & Host
Misha Burstein, University of Arizona
Urusa Fahim, California Institute of Integral Studies
Placida Gallegos, Fielding Graduate University
Chad Hoggan, North Carolina State University
Victoria Marsick, Teachers College, Columbia
Claudio Melacarne, University of Siena
Aliki Nicolaides, University of Georgia - Athens
Stacey Robbins, Texas State University
Steve Schapiro, Fielding Graduate University
Ellen Scully-Russ of George Washington University
Dave Veazey, Pacific Lutheran University

PLU Campus Team:

Kaitlyn Porter, Pacific Lutheran University '16
Janae Reinhardt, Pacific Lutheran University '15
Danielle Bradley, Pacific Lutheran University '16
Kate Hall, Pacific Lutheran University '17
Web Manager:
Dan Schabot, Tarrant County College

Transformative Learning Network

Transformative Learning Network is for all who are interested in the study and practice of transformative learning. Our purpose is to provide a centralized location for you to connect with other scholars, practitioners and scholar-practitioners, as well as to receive regular updates on plans for the next International Transformative Learning Conference.


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Transformative Learning Conference Student Committee 

11th International Transformative Learning Conference YouTube Channel



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